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Friday, August 25, 2006

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What? Niigata conbini meat bento
When/Where? Niigata, outside on a bench, lunchtime
Comments: I went to Niigata with Kayo and Mari, and we stopped by a convience store for brunch and I got this fried meat with cheese bento thing. The meat was good, although one had a thin slice of cartalige still which was odd. The cheese tasted good with the meat. Under the slices of fried meat, the spegetti noodles were sauced just right. Had this with a sandwhich, and some orange juice. This bento cost about 400YEN.
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Monday, August 14, 2006

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What? sushi bento from marui department store
When/Where? Outside on a bench, near my work
Comments: I had this afternoon after work (half day today!) and it was HOT out, I almost melted. The fish would have cooked if I had left it out in the sun. This was a raw (of course) fish sushi bento of sorts. Oddly tuna was in it too, and like kimbap it was cooked. If you dont know, those brown sushi things are "bags" of sweet rice. Yummy... The taste of this bento was pretty nice, the fish was fresh. I had this with a 120YEN lemon tea drink from a vending machine. This bento cost about 540YEN.
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What? omotesando organic bento
When/Where? my house, at night
Comments: On my day off, I went to Shibuya and somehow I ended up in Omotesando I think. My friend wanted to shop in an organic food store... and I saw some organic bento! I have never had an organic bento so I bought this one even though it was kind of expensive. I took it home, and I think I warmed it up too long because the rice was slightly crusty. The salmon though was juicy and wonderful. The boneless fried chicken next to that had some sort of yummy sweet honey sauce on it. The veggies were so vibrant, that I remembered that although eating organic is more expensive there is another reason besides caring for the earth... taste! Besides being a little crusty, the rice was awesome. I have never had 100% brown rice in a bento before, and the mushrooms on top were great! This was a truly awesome bento. About 680YEN.
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What? fancy 7/11 melty meat bento
When/Where? my house, at night
Comments: The other day I wanted to eat a more expensive bento, so I went to 7/11 and got this one. The rice was plain (so I put a salad dressing packet on it, 18YEN) but the meat was wonderful. If you like meat, you would have been in heaven. It litterally melted in my mouth. Three types, the white sauce on the meat was the best, silky and smooth mayo with something in it. The pickled stuff was ok, it helped to refresh the tounge after some thick meat flavors. About 600YEN.
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What? lawsons three stripe bento thingie
When/Where? At work, my lunchtime
Comments: I'm sure you recognize this style of meat and scrambled egg bento from other bentos I've had. Not bad stuff, fairly basic. Cant remember what I drank this with, and actually dont remember much about this "standard" bento. I do remember that the two beans were good though. About 450YEN
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

What? salty Three F rice bento
When/Where? Ate it at Home
Comments: This one came from Three F conbini, and I know they suck at making bento compared to the Seven 11 next door, but I always feel sorry for Three F. They have very few customers, so I always tell myself "I should try Three F again" and always end up a bit disapointed. It wasnt crap, but less than the same one would be at 7/11. The bacon on the meat patty was very salty, make you need to drink level of too-salty. The noodles didnt have enough sauce, but the sauce that was there was good. The rice was a little off, but the potato wedges were nice. This cost about 500YEN.
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