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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What? mixed fried food bento
When/Where? at home, dinnnner
Comments: This is an experiment. I'm trying a VIDEO review of this one. I might do more. I need better lights and stuff though. Check it out, press play.

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What? fishy rice ball
When/Where? on the way to work
Comments: this one was not bad, the fish was all mixed in through the healthy rice. It had a simple but elegant flavor. 140yen, with tangerine juice.
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What? simple shredded meat bento
When/Where? for lunch at work
Comments: Simple healthy bento that I did a shocking thing to. I added ceasors salad sauce to spice it up! Made it more exciting. Rice was good and healthy, meat was soft. 320YEN. Sauce was 25YEN maybe? With lemon aide drink.
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What? chirashi sushi rice ball
When/Where? way to work, morning
Comments: This is a new yearsy kind of thing. It was OK, kind of boring. Nothing stuck out too much. But kind of good in a quiet innocent kind of way. 120YEN, had this with a mixed fruit-veggy drink.
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What? simple sauced chicken thing
When/Where? dinner before leaving work
Comments: I had plans to go to a drinking party with some friends after work, but I didnt want to drink on an empty stomache so I got this chunk of chicken with sauce packaged meal thing from the import liquor shop (they sell munchies too) I got tons of tequila there, but I guess that doesnt matter to this blog! This was about 600YEN I guess? I forget, was yummy though, and the sauce made it taste like chicken salad.
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What? beef rice triangle
When/Where? breakfasttt
Comments: This was a fairly normal rice triangle. I would have liked a bit more meat. I thought that people might want to see how the content is layered in one of these triangles, so I also included a bite picture. Wasnt the morning light cool? 130YEN
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What? Japanese style rice-bun hamburger
When/Where? cheap dinner at work
Comments: This actually says it is "grilled rice triangles" instead of rice-buns, but I thought rice-buns made a lot of sense. Rice sandwiching a patty of meat. The conbini people heated it up for me. Actually quite good. 185YEN.
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What? "spicy" tuna curry
When/Where? on the way to work in the morning
Comments: This was called "spicy" but it was not really spicy at all, it just tasted like Indian curry instead of Japanese curry. But the rice was yummy and not bland at all, and all the flavors worked well together. Recommended. 140YEN, had this with MAX coffee, because I like to take it to the max! haha... Oh, and isnt morning a great time to take pictures? So shiny!
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What? korean (chinese?) jajangmyeon noodle box
When/Where? dindin-dinner at home
Comments: I used to eat these jajangmyeon noodles all the time in Korea (but I think it might originally be a Chinese food?) and when I saw this box noodle set (sauce and noodles come separated and then after they are microwaved, they are poured together.) Regretfully the sauce was really bland, not as rich as I remembered. None the less, it had a fairly nice flavor to it. About 500YEN I guess.
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What? beef kalbi rice triangle
When/Where? breakfast while running to work
Comments: This wasn't bad. The meat wasnt saucy enough though, could hardly taste the kalbi flavor. (kalbi is like a korean version of japanese teriyaki sauce) 135YEN. Had this with a "real gold" energy drink, because I was super tired. (those are 120yen)
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What? pork cutlet with eggs on rice
When/Where? was a work lunchy
Comments: Nothing too special here, just fried pork with eggs on rice. I've had this a million times, and maybe even uploaded a few versions of it here. Surprisingly what I remember most about this bento was the included pickles, crisp but not crunchy, good flavor. I totally dont remember how much this cost, about 400YEN. Had this with some "melon cream soda" from the vending machine.
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What? kimchi mayo tuna rice triangle
When/Where? breakfast at work
Comments: Oh. My. God! This came as near perfect as a rice triangle has come in the last few months. Wonderful Korean style seaweed wrap (salty) and a perfect mix of mayo, kimchi and tuna that reminded me of all the good times eating kimbap in korea at the kimbap chungu (korean style food chain) infront of my house there. Wow. Memories wrapped into a small package of food. For me, well worth the 130YEN. (Notice that there is actually even a few Korean letters written on the package, now thats hardcore ethenitic!) Had this with a "sweet lemon" thing from the vending machine, 120YEN.
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What? cheese chicken noodle thing
When/Where? work lunnnch
Comments: This was major cheese attack. Yummy cheese though, mixed with like macaroni noodles and chunks of chicken. Not bad. 450YEN. Had this with a "florida citrus mix" flavor juice, 140YEN?
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What? spicy omelet rice
When/Where? late lunchy at work
Comments: This was from 7/11 near my work. The sauce was really good, spicy but not overpowering. The rice was nice, had a good ketchup feel to it. The egg was a bit bland, but not too bad. About 400YEN I think
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What? seachicken "classic" rice triangle
When/Where? breakfast on the way to work
Comments: seachicken is (if you didnt guess!) Japanglish for tuna! This is a very classic onigiri (sea chicken) and its quite good. Nice mix of canned tuna and mayo, inserted into the rice. 110YEN. Had this with apple juice from the vending machine, 120YEN.
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