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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What? Hello Kitty Land Bento
When/Where? Sanrio Puroland, lunch
Comments: When my silly Hong Kong/American friend Priscilla was visiting me here in Tokyo she talked me into going to Hello Kitty Land (also known by the correct name of "Sanrio Puroland") ... Ohmygod! That was a really girly experience, but since they had bento in the food court (well, packaged meals anyway) I had to try some. I was hungry so I got the "real" meal but I wish I had gone with the Shinkansen Bullet Train Bento like priscilla got (lower picture). That was a real unique bento! Anyway, this version of bento for adults was ok, the skin on the chicken was a bit too greesy, but not too bad. The rice was nice, and all the flavors worked together well. The potato salady thing that came with it was a bit odd, but it went down well enough. This bento was a bit too "normal" though. This cost about 650YEN I think.
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What? hamburg patty orijin bento
When/Where? lunch with priscilla
Comments: While my hong kong friend was visiting, we did laundry. While we were waiting for the clothes to wash, we went to a bento shop (orijin bento, the one I thought closed but didn't) and got some lunchboxes. Mine was kind of normal, and not that exciting. The meat was OK, but a bit dull. Rice was alright. I had this with two cans of lemon tea (I was thirsty! 100yen each) I forget, this bento was less than 500YEN.
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Commonly Used Words (drag me)
bento - Japanese style lunchbox
ekiben - Train station lunchbox
conbini - Convience store