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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What? Oddball meat assortment
When/Where? Final day at work
Comments: The final day at work, before my company laid off 4000 people and left me currently unemployed. Being with out a current job is the reason this blog has been kind of quiet, been trying to save money. Anyway, I'm uploading these two old ones for now. Hope to have work soon with many more bento uploads. Well, this bento was MEAT lovers heaven. Or make a vegetarian puke bento! But none the less, many varaieties of flavor. It was pretty good, a little too much meat though. I knew it would be my last bento for a long time so this one was pricy, I think it was 800YEN
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What? Pork with kimchi on noodles
When/Where? final days at work
Comments: This was like many other "noodles salads" I've had recently, although the kimchi was kind of weak (as I guess can be seen in the picture I guess) the sauce on the noodles was pretty good I guess. I totally forget, maybe 450YEN
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