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Friday, May 31, 2013

Simple grilled spicy meat with rice bento (350yen?)

I think the location was just as good or better than the bento. This was at a Moomin (cartoon character) park in Saitama with a friend. Was a gloriously childish day in the sun. I wish I had been less sleepy, but I had a lot of fun. (I added one picture of the structures to this post, but there were many other whimsical buildings.) As for the bento, the rice was bland, but the meat was wonderful. Just spicy enough to add flavor but not overpower the flavor of the meat. Under the meat was a bed of nice oily noodles. This bento also came with some spicy mayo you could squirt on the meat, that was a nice touch. Good memories, good food, good good.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Shrimp brown rice bento (598 yen)

I'm trying to save money so maybe I shouldn't have bought this, but I'm in a happy mood today. When I'm happy I like a good bento. This one was pretty good, the rice was quite flavorful and the various fried things (upper left) were tasty too... Not a bad way to enjoy the afternoon! :)
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