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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

simple Taiwan ekiben (50gen?)

My use of wifi was a bit spotty while visiting Taiwan and I realized I forgot to upload this one. I went out to the countryside (place called rather poetically: ping xi, "peaceful creek") and it was quite fun. Sky lanterns and all sorts of things, will video blog about it. The lunchbox was quite similar to the other ekiben I've had in Taiwan. I guess I need to search harder for variety next time. This one had a boiled egg though, which was a nice touch.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taiwanese lunchbox bento at the airport (60gen?)

I have to check in for my flight super early tomorrow so I decided to just sleep here at the airport, or at least try. Got a nice bento and a beer at a convenience store and I'm just chilling. The lunchbox itself was an oily explosion of taste, like many bento in Taiwan. The chicken was alright but a bit flavor lacking. The veggies were ok but a bit salty. The beer's just right.
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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Taiwanese friend chicken bento (55gen or about 180 Japanese yen)

I'm here visiting Taiwan so I had to try some bento. I bought this one at 7/11. The fried chicken surprised me by being quite spicy, but fairly juicy and good. The slice of ham (on the left) Was kinda dry bug not bad. The pickled bamboo shoots (on the right) were sweet and good. The rice was old and gummy (maybe because of when I bought it) but had an alright taste. I took a video of this one so I might video blog about it, although the lighting wasn't so good because I had this at night.
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bento - Japanese style lunchbox
ekiben - Train station lunchbox
conbini - Convience store