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Friday, October 20, 2006

yummy cheeeeese see big size bento if you click here
What? cheese in meat cutlet bento
When/Where? for dinner at my house
Comments: I had one almost the same as this one when I went to niigata, although this one wasnt 100% the same. The cheese melted nicely into the meat, and the meat (chicken if i remember right) was tender and not too wet, dry enough in a good way. The side dish of seasoned potatoes were also quite good. The only weak point about the bento was the noodles under the cutlet, they had no real sauce and they were kind of boring. 320yen
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oodles of noodles, click to see bigger mate
What? noodles and fried chicken bento
When/Where? at work, lunchtime
Comments: The chicken was super yummy on this, the sauce was just right, although the meat itself had a bit too much of the fatty skin for my tastes, but still it was really yummy. The rice wasnt bad, and the speghetti noodles were super yummy. About 500yen
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click to see juicy yummy big version
What? "chinese style" chicken and fried potsticker bento
When/Where? at work, lunchtime
Comments: This one was pretty good, although I'm starting to think that I like the cheaper bento from good shops. The rice wasnt bad, it had some flakes on it too... but for the price it was kind of bland. About 500yen
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

click for glorrrious detail
What? Three F chicken & rice bento
When/Where? My house, in the evening
Comments: Well, first, and foremost. Good news for the bento geek blog. I've updated my digital camera. Now when you click on the pictures at the top of each entry, you'll be able to see crisp clear--- yummy looking--- highres pictures! woo! So yeah, on to this bento. Wasnt too bad for a "three F" conbini bento. (If you dont remember, Three F doesnt have such a high reputation with me) but as could be expected the meat was a little too oily (always the case with Three F) and the rice a bit too gumy (in a bad way) but the flavors were nice, and the sauce on the chicken chunks was really tangy and great. I had this with a 100yen carton of veggie juice, and a 100yen bag of don tacos chips. The bento was about 525YEN.
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

click to see bigger thing with blue back oh yeah
What? Sunkus mushroom bento
When/Where? My home, night
Comments: I had that organic bento awhile ago, and I really liked it. So when I saw this mushroom bento at my local conbini I wanted to try it. It ended up being kinda oily and kinda mushy. Not too bad, but not like the other one. The fish had too many bones, and the meat ball had a really strong "pork" flavor. The shrimp tempura was ok, but not too crispy. This was also kind of cluttered visually. Had this with a carton of "grape water" thing. Not too bad I guess. I forget, about 495YEN.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

click to see this yummy bento in big sizeworkingmen infront of my bento shop! click to see em even bigger
What? chili shrimp springroll bento
When/Where? in the park near my house
Comments: This afternoon after work (today is a half day) I went to my local conbini to get a bento. I was shocked to find out, they were all sold out. I went to the other conbini, it was also sold out, in a shocked state of denial I went to the last conbini in my area, only to find they were also sold out! Lunch time rush I guess. Then I remembered there is the "orijin bento" shop near my house that makes specifically only bento when you want it, I went on over... only to find a group of men ripping out the insides of the shop... it was closed!! (Can be seen in the picture under the bento above.) It was an anti-bento conspiracy. Not to be held down, I walked about 20 minutes to the other Orijin Bento in my area. I got this awesome bento, which was well worth the money. Although, I had this same thing in Korea and I liked it more there. The sweet-and-sour chili sauce was a bit too sour at Orijin, although still quite yummy. The rice was perfect, except the pickled plum was too small. The springroll was beyond perfect, crispy on the outside, and melty soft on the inside. The dimsum next to it was just ok, the ones I had in Hong Kong were (of course) better. This bento also had a small cube of sweat scrambled eggs. A quite good bento. 599YEN
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click to see big soup. that green thing is my blanket!
What? Sunkus Consome Soup
When/Where? My house, night
Comments: I was coming home from a long day at work, it was raining, it was cold and I felt a little sick. I saw this veggtable soup at the conbini, and I thought it would be good for me. When I opened the soup, there was a super strong garlic-ish smell... I actually really enjoyed it, although the veggies were a little more crisp than I was thinking they would be. It was also quite inexpensive. Only 305YEN.
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