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Monday, February 26, 2007

What? Kalbi Rice Bowl
When/Where? My house, for dinner
Comments: Kalbi is like a korean Teriyaki sauce... and this tasted about as authentic as IHOP pancakes taste like authentic Indian curry. Yeah. Read nothing like kalbi. None the less, a yummy slightly spicy flavor (sweet spicy, with a mellow build) beef on some plain white rice. Not bad at all, although maybe a little simple. I forget, about 500YEN
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What? kimchi rice box bento
When/Where? lunchie at workie
Comments: Wow. I actually thought "thats kind of unique, I should get it so I can put it on my bento geek blog" haha Thats real dedication to a cause. The sauce and meat was separate from the rice (so the rice wouldnt get soggy) and I mixed it in when I was ready to eat it. I was surprised by the sauce, it was better than I expected. Fresh, nice veggies, and an almost spicy kimchi. The rice was ok, but nothing special. About 550YEN
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Friday, February 09, 2007

nice, zoom in zoom in
What? raw egg on fried cutlets on rice
When/Where? work, lunch
Comments: Let me explain a bit, its a "raw egg" but its put on hot fried food so it is kind of cooked too, just not hard cooked I guess. This was super yummy. Tender meat chuncks, soft shrimp, and all that mixed with onions and a thick freshly cooked egg sitting on yummy rice. Its hard to find a better lunchtime food-friend. About 600YEN. ... and also, I must say, this update has been kind of slow. (meaning all the bento pics and reviews i uploaded today) I hope my few viewers havent given up on me? I really do plan to keep updating what I eat, so keep coming back, I hope to have more frequent updates again!
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What? rice roll sushi thingie
When/Where? lunchietime at work
Comments: Not quite sure what you would call these things? Spring rolls? Rice rolls? In any case, rice rolled like a burrito with yummy veggies and stuff inside, with mayo (yum!) on top. The one on the left had some sort of thin rare roast beef slice in it. The middle one had smoked salmon slices. The right one had only veggies if I remember correctly. A fairly unique lunchtime experience, although expensive. About 700YEN.
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clickieclickie clickie!
What? Hamburg and chicken chunks with rice bento
When/Where? work! lunch!
Comments: This one was kind of "normal" nothing really exciting about it. The meat was kind of overkill, it would have sicked out a vegetarian to be in the same room I guess. Meatlovers bento, I guess you could say. The rice was ok. I got this at a conbini with a strawberry-milk thing (130YEN?) and a cherry candybar (100YEN). It was a fruity lunch! Bento was about 500YEN
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What? Separate rice and fried cutlet/prawn bento
When/Where? lunchtime at work
Comments: This is from the Marui foodcourt. Its really really yummy. The rice was perfectly moist but not wet, the right temperature. The pieces of fried stuff were fried crispy but not oily. It also came with sauce packets. (seen in the "closed" version picture on the top) I drank this with grapefruit juice I got from a vending machine. This bento was about 700YEN
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What? Sushi, mayonnaise and onion sushi
When/Where? my house, another dinner
Comments: I had to take the flash with this picture, so its a bit washed out. The onions are a great partner for the fish, and the mayo adds the perfect touch. This doesnt show up at my conbini that often, but if I see it again I think I'll get it. Not bad. Forgot, maybe about 400YEN?
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What? cheap noodle/rice bento from 7/11
When/Where? my house, night
Comments: Not all bento are made the same. This one sloppy and simple. Some dimsum and chicken chuncks on top of some noodles. Wasnt so bad, although a bit too boring if I remember correctly. About 400YEN?
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bento - Japanese style lunchbox
ekiben - Train station lunchbox
conbini - Convience store