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Monday, December 11, 2006

What? compartment meat marui bento
When/Where? lunch at..yeah.. work!
Comments: This was good, the rice was colorfully dressed up. The meat was soft, and I remember that the green onions (on the meat) were quite strong (in a good way, refresh the taste buds) And the half spring-roll thing was yummy. This was a decent bento, with a funny name, I remember it was called the Freid Meat Stamina Bento. About 600YEN
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What? conbini bulgulgi bento
When/Where? lunch, work
Comments: This was a perfect balance of Japanese style korean bulgulgi sauce (if that idea is hard to understand, think how American style chinese food is different than chinese style chinese food) and it had just the right sprinkling of dried hot peppers. This was truly a treat, even the rice was like wide grained or something, it tasted so so so yummy. Liked it! About 500YEN.
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What? ground beef marui bento
When/Where? at work, for lunch
Comments: This was also a few weeks ago. I remember that stuff on the left was juicy and yummy. The pumpkinish gord thing was super soft and nice. The ground beef was okay too. About 600YEN or more.
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What? cheap 7/11 bento bowl
When/Where? my house, for dinner
Comments: This one was a cheapo bento. The meat was kinda odd, and the single prawn looked painted (although it tasted good) it wasnt so bad and only cost about 380YEN.
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What? marui hamburger bento
When/Where? lunch at work
Comments: I dont remember much about this bento, it was a few weeks ago, but I thought I should update it. Do remember the meat was soft, the rice was boring. About 600YEN maybe.
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bento - Japanese style lunchbox
ekiben - Train station lunchbox
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