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Saturday, December 27, 2014

German Tonkatsu Bento (5.99 EURO)

I never thought I'd be able to make a blog update from Europe. But here I am in Düsseldorf, Germany eating on a bento! The owners were Korean (they were speaking in Koreans and you cab also see the Korean style gyoza and kimchi) but all the shop signs were in Japanese, and most of the customers were Japanese (Düsseldorf has a fairly large Japanese population). The cash register lady was German but she seemed to understand a little Japanese. The bento itself was pretty good. But there was so much of it! And it came with a packet of ketchup (next to the tomato, slightly hidden by the lid in this photo) which was weird. I thought "when in Rome..." and tried it on the tonkatsu but it was weird. Lucky some actual tonkatsu sauce was included too. The rice was a bit too hard and gummy, but overall not a bad European/Korean bento. After buying this I saw some other shops selling bento that might have been better, so if I'm ever back here again I might try those. (I took a video of this and will blog about it for sure!)
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