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Friday, November 10, 2006

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What? my own creation
When/Where? made at home, for work lunch
Comments: I am once again not so rich... so I thought I would save some money and try to make my own bento a few times. (I took the picture on my balcony before I put it in my bag.) I left my bag at work by accident, so I cant make another one tomorrow but I will make more. This one tasted good, kimchi on the side, with furikake flakes on the rice with mayonese. Simple but not bad. (I added shrimp the next day.) The kimchi was like 150YEN and the rice and flakes amount was maybe about 30YEN so I guess this bento cost me about 180YEN... nice!
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What? typical chicken bento
When/Where? At work, lunchtime last week
Comments: This wasnt anything special, although I thought it tasted good. The chicken was soft, a little dry with out being too dry. It came with a tiny amount of a ground beef on the side. About 500YEN
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nice rice rice
What? rice ball bento
When/Where? at work last week
Comments: I got this from a convience store. I liked how it was many different types of rice balls, the egg (brown ball in upper left) was good, but no salt surprized me a little. I would have enjoyed more content to this bento, but it wasnt bad. About 500YEN
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What? new oeijin bento - special combo
When/Where? my house last week
Comments: Not sure if anyone remembers me being shocked by the local orijin bento place closing, but they opened back up again! It was just a remodel of sorts. I did the "make your own bento" kind of thing and got all this stuff. Quite yummy, the "niku jaga" stew thing on the lower left was super perfect, and the upper right is a cup of prawn-egg-bracolii which is a great combo in my book. The freaky stuff in the upper left is special style rice. it cost about 800YEN
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bento - Japanese style lunchbox
ekiben - Train station lunchbox
conbini - Convience store