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Friday, May 18, 2007

What? spicy noodle salad
When/Where? tonight, dinner
Comments: This seemed like it was supposed to be "Chinesey" or something, but maybe that was just me. It was a little spicy, and eaten cold. The fresh tomato really added a nice jab of flavor to the noodles which were mixed with two different sauces that came with the meal. (This was supposed to be all mixed together, unlike the picture which shows it right after I opened it.) Another meal I picked up at Sunkus conbini that wasnt so bad. Are they getting better? It was still a bit dull tasting, but I liked the interplay of flavors, a good balance. About 440YEN
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What? swastika pork cutlets
When/Where? my workie
Comments: If you notice, I called this one "swastika" pork cutlets. Why? Look at the package that I included in the photo. On the top of the name is a nazi swastika... right? Well, no actually, its a buddhist mark that only looks similar. Starting from next month, my coworker Trever is going to work in a different place, but we both had lunch at the same time a few days ago, so I asked him to show me some food he liked to get. He showed me this tonkatsu place in the mall, and I got this premade bowl. I took it back to the office and one of the staff saw me taking a picture of it, and so I told her I have a "lunchbox blog" and so maybe she thinks I'm a bit crazy now. Well, on with the craziness!! The meat was dryer than I usually like, and the tsukemono (japanese pickles) were a bit too bland, but this was a pretty good lunch, I liked it. I forget, maybe 450YEN
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What? another noodle salad
When/Where? at the place of my employment
Comments: When its hot outside, it tastes good to have something not so hot, so not that summer is slowly coming I've been having a lot of these "noodle salad" things. This one wasnt bad, a lot like the others, with a slight variation in the veggies. I ate this one with some "pulpy" grapefruit juice. The noodles were about 480YEN
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What? vegetable tempura brown rice bento
When/Where? my house, dinnnner
Comments: This one tasted better than I expected since I got it at Sunkus conbini and they dont usually have such good bento in my opinion. Its a little hard to see, but the rice was brown... which was a yummy change of pace. The abundance of vegetables was a definite strong point. On the weak side, the veggies had a bit of a odd flavor, and they were a bit withered-tasting. This was about 450YEN
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What? Sandwhich & mango juice
When/Where? for lunchy at my job
Comments: On this day, I bought a little bit of an expensive lunch. But the mango juice was wonderful (brought back memories of Korea, I drank mango juice there all the time) and the sandwhich wasnt bad. I remember the bread was a little more soggy than I was expecting, but the flavors mixed well. The whole lunch (including mango juice) cost about 1000YEN.
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