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Saturday, July 29, 2006

What? Korean Ekiben! Kimbap
When/Where? On the KTX train to Pusan
Comments: I actually had this on my way to Seoul, but when I got to Seoul someone stole my cellphone. That sucks, but the biggest nasty thing about the stolen cellphone is the loss of two great bento pictures. Gone forever. Anyway, I took this with my old backup camera on my way back to Japan. Its kimbap which is basically the same as a Japanese sushi roll BUT the insides are all cooked. (Top roll is what Koreans call "nude roll" which is like a Californian roll, bottom is more traditional with seaweed on the outside.) This one was nice, good flavor. It came with a free container of bland water, but I bought a (approx) 110YEN lemon juice from the onboard vending machine. This cost about 420YEN. (3500WON)
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What? nato kimchi roll (maki)
When/Where? Near Three F Conbini
Comments: First, if you dont know "nato" is fermented Japanese beans. They stink, and they are sticky... but they taste good! And if you dont know, Nato plus Korean kimchi (pickled spicy cabbage) is very good together! I saw this, and had to buy it and try it. (Yes, I know its not bento.) And yes, it was very good, the kimchi was a little weak though. Ate it with mango juice or something. I forget, the main point was the nato-kimchi combo, it took centeral focus. In fact, the picture of it was a little blury but I didnt care because I wanted to finish. As you can see, I love nato kimchi maki... When I was buying it, the store clerk asked me if I wanted a bag, and when I said no, she asked about a straw, I said yes, and she taped it to my carton of juice. This is the best way to do it. I like it when they do that, its so cool. So basically this was a perfect eating moment. 140YEN
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Monday, July 03, 2006

click for bigger version, nice stuff, beautiful park in japan yo!
What? two conbini bento
When/Where? Afternoon perfect sunny day in a park
Comments: I actually didnt buy this, so I am not sure of the price, and I ate it with Kayo and Mari so I dont know the taste of all of it. None the less, the combination of time, place and taste made this a great bento moment. Me, Kayo and Mari went on a walk all over the place near their house. We went to the real park that really inspired that Japanese cartoon "my neighbor totoro" (as they told me) and it was awesome. Green all over the place, tons of bugs crawling all over the ground (not a gross thing, its a "this forest is alive!" thing), and fresh real air mixed with golden sunlight. Had this with a big lemon chu hi drink (strong as beer, cheaper with lemon taste) and some choclate and some cheese sticks. The bento were good, rice perfect, and the fried chicken dry in a good way. The ratio of mayo in the onigiri was beyond perfect, creamy with a good taste of tuna. Final note, I plan to update this blog more often once I get more money again, I'm just a little thin on money right now. This blog isn't gone, it will continue its just slow right now while I wait for a bigger cash flow. Peace.
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bento - Japanese style lunchbox
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conbini - Convience store