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Saturday, June 17, 2006

you can see Nakayama's shoe in the picture above! haha click for big version
What? Narita Airport Employee Pork Tempura bowl
When/Where? Narita Airport
Comments: Before going to Hong Kong for a few days, I went to the airport early to meet my friend Nakayama who works there. She let me get this employee bento, a truly unique bento. Its a "hokkaido style" pork slices in tempura sauce with a slice of japanese pumpkin in tempura sauce, all on rice. it was a bit oily, but it was really yummy and orginal. Came with two side dishes, a small side of pickled veggies and a bigger side dish of some sort of fried fish (two patties) on more veggies. good stuff. only 500YEN.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

What? cheap family mart bento
When/Where? afternoon, outside
Comments: Someone I know needed my help teaching two classes (because the teacher suddenly disapeared) so I did that and got some spare change for doing it. So right after I got the cash in my pocket, I decided to go for a cheap bento since its been SO LONG since I've had the pleasure of one of those! I bought a 25YEN italian salad dressing to spice up the rice. The three flavored toppings were yummy, but the salmon in the middle was kinda dry (supposed to be i guess) but the brown meet on the side was super yummy. All in all, a great deal. 220YEN
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