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Friday, February 29, 2008

What? fried rice thing
When/Where? lunch while working
Comments: This was pretty good. Nice rice, yummy chunks of egg and small veggies, fairly good ratio of yummy-ness. The meat on top was soft and juicy, and had big chunks of fat on it the way it was appreciated here. 480YEN. Ate this with 120YEN tropicana white grape juice, from a vending machine.
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What? chicken melty cheese sandwich
When/Where? lunch @ work .jp
Comments: So I dont only eat bento or rice triangles, to show the diversity of my intake I present this melty sandwhich thing I had the other day. Pretty good for a cold day, and only 280YEN! The chicken tasted good with the cheese! Only drawback was the bread kind of sucked after microwaved, but it wasnt so bad. Good flavor.
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What? video review
When/Where? dinner at my videohouse
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What? king salmon rice triangle
When/Where? on platform, first meal of the day
Comments: Ironically this "king" salmon has a picture of a queen in the background (oh, I'm soooo funny! haaa!). It was actually rather bland, I had it several times though but it didnt really strike me, 130 YEN. Ate this with "vitamin guard" brand water. (150YEN)
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What? "big rice" meat and hamburger patty bento
When/Where? dinner at mi casa
Comments: This is an example of how Japanese people are going down the American "over eating path" these days bento advertise as "jumbo" size with tons of rice and meat. This one was big (trust me, it was huge) and cost 580YEN. The rice was pretty good, and the meat was soft and flavorful. The dimsum dumpling was a bit random, and was a nice offset to the other flavors.
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What? nikujaga puffy balloon style bento
When/Where? home, dinner time
Comments: You cant really see it in this picture, but this bento is an odd microwave balloon-up (hot air makes the cover expand like a balloon) kind of bento. It makes the veggies really fresh and yummy that way. Only 398YEN. Highly recommend it (got it from Lawson I think) as a good value to cost ratio example. However, let the veggies sit in their broth for a few minutes after opening it. If you eat them too fast they are still a bit too firm. The broth was also too "watery" for my liking, although maybe thats common. I like it a bit thicker I guess. But good stuff, nice nice.
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What? sausage rice triangle
When/Where? breakfast on way to joby
Comments: This was an interesting flavor setup. sausage on rice, wrapped by seaweed. The sausage was a bit too oily and had a really thin odd mayo-ish sauce under it. Was OK, I had this several more times. 140 YEN. Had this with the unfortunately named "Calpis" drink (calpis water, 120yen from a vending machine)
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What? dry curry with egg
When/Where? lucnharoo
Comments: I wanted to try something new, so I saw this "dry curry" and I went for it. Not bad, I would eat again, but it didnt take me off my feet. (395YEN) The rice was fully powdered, but a bit bland. The sauce plopped on top was too small, and the egg had too much egg-white. But it was a fairly good taste mix. Had this with bottled coffee because I was sleepy (140yen I guess) and some string cheese! (only 95yen)
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What? edible seaweed rice triangle
When/Where? brunch on way to work
Comments: Well, this is one of those times when we don't really have an english word for the Japanese word. Hijiki, it's a kind of edible seaweed. Wait a minute, I just looked it up and we DO have the word in english. Hizikia fusiformis. Okay, yeah I know you dont know that. Lets just say eat-able seaweed rice triangle (110yen)! with lemon tea, the hot type. (120yen) During the cold months, if you didnt know, you can get some drinks hot from vending machines, nice!
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What? asparagus cheese pork fried
When/Where? dindindinner
Comments: I've had something like this before, but I guess this was a smaller version. Only 298YEN. Not bad, still too greasy like the other one. Flavor was good, asparagus nice and juicy. Good stuff.
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What? green onion pork kalbi on rice
When/Where? work, lunchtime
Comments: This of course didnt taste like Korean kalbi sauce, but it was none the less really yummy. Had a thick slathering of "kalbi" sauce and the meat was right on. Almost crunchy (in a good way) but soft at the same time. 415YEN. Had this with "super mayonnaise" flavored corn chips (which fit perfectly and tasted really good) which were maybe a "test market" iteam because I haven't seen them again recently. (about 120yen) and also a Na-chan "white" flavored fruit juice drink (for sure about 120yen) which actually tasted alright, a bit of a knockoff of calpis though.
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What? chicken & a meat ball bento
When/Where? at work for mid-day meal
Comments: This was cheap (390YEN!) but not so bad, I liked the sauce added to the chicken and the meat all had a fairly good taste and the rice was fairly good too. A good deal, if I don't say so myself.
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What? "make yourself" orijin bento sampler
When/Where? my housy, eveningers
Comments: I go to the Orijin bento shop every now and then and "make my own" bento but filling up spaces in a plastic cartoon from a buffet style counter place, it ends up being kind of expensive (think this cost about 600YEN) but tastes really good. Also had this with some gyoza (pot stickers, kind of like asian ravioli) ... was pretty good, nice flavor combos. Happy was my tongue.
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What? green onions and meat on rice
When/Where? my cold house, dinner
Comments: It was so cold that day (check out the snowy view from my balcony window) that I just threw the bento down (notice its sloppy!) and took a quick steamy picture, and then I ate it all up in seconds. It was pretty good, meat was a little odd. I forgot how much this cost, maybe about 400YEN.
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