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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hokkaido seafood bento (1000 yen)

Went out to Tsukuba with K to go bike riding. My video camera's broken, so sadly no videos for my blog but on the way home saw this Hokkaido exhibition sale near Taukuba station. It was the end of the day so they sold two 1000 yen bentos for the price of one. That means this actually only cost me 500 yen! It was yummy, especially the salmon roe. A good deal, a good bento and a good day. Nice!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stylish multi bits local bento (950 yen)

I was in the neighborhood of my friend S, trying to find somewhere to grab a good takeout dinner and we saw this local non-chain bento shop. It was empty inside, run by a couple who were really nice and friendly. The bento was brilliant. Everything really fresh with an accent that you only get from handmade ingredients. The rice on the right had some sort of green onion miso paste I've never tried before, it was great too. In fact everything about this bento was about as close to prefect as one could wish for. Wonderful !
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