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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What? egg cutlet on rice
When/Where? work, lunch intake
Comments: This is another classic lunch bento (not really a bento I guess) that I have had many times before. This one was super yummy though. Notice how on the closed package it says "eat within 2 hours" because the egg on the cutlet is so fresh (uncooked) and runny (a good thing on this kind of food) the rice was near perfect, and the meat was crispy but easy to eat. As a side note, I was tickled that this little shop decided to use "Japan-English" when talking to the other workers (something that many quick fast foodish restraunts do, like saying "numbaaa surii, sankyu" [number three thank you] after you make an order in Japanese.) I asked (in the language of the land of course) for take out and the lady took my order and then she shouts to the cook the name of my meal and "tekuitto" [take it!] which was an interesting varation of "take out" (or "to go" for that matter). In any case, this was a really good meal, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. I was bored of taking shots of my lunches on the table, so this one features a new background although still at work. This one was about 550YEN
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What? cheese cutlet with rice
When/Where? for lunch at workie
Comments: I walked past this shop and saw a poster which talked about their new "cheese fried cutlet" and I thought "sounds good" so I went inside and ordered it. It turned out to be the most expensive thing on the menu. Ooops. The cheese mixed well with the fried cutlet, it was good quality cheese and it all tasted good together. As you can see, I had this together with some Qoo fruit flavored juice from a vending machine. And a word about the pickled plum on the rice; I love pickled plums... the soft no put kind. These kind that are hard with a pit inside are simply decoration to me, they are too hard to eat so I usually let them visit the trashcan along with the packages the food came in. The "sauce packet" came with the meal, and made it extra juicy. This was about 980YEN
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What? sesame sauce chicken with eggplant
When/Where? work, brunch
Comments: When I was a kid I was kind of scared of trying "eggplant" because it had such a weird name. But in Japan when I was older, I started eating it in various foods and I liked it. With that said, the ones in this bento were in some sort of bitter sauce that made them taste odd. The meat was okay, fresh and thick but a bit soggy because it had been in the sauce. A bit pricy, forget, about 600YEN
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What? meat & rice with kimchi bento
When/Where? work, lunchlunch
Comments: The meat was cooked so that it wasnt too chewy, the rice was soft with out being too soft, but it had no personality (an important quality in rice) the kimchi was surprizingly authentic (not so sweet, instead spicy) and the little tomato that was included made a good "off set" for the other flavors. Something over 550YEN
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What? three color 7/11 bento
When/Where? my room, night time
Comments: This is a lot like other "three color" bento I have had. The salmon was really chunky (in a good way) on this one. As you can see, the pickled stuff in the lower right was almost not there, kind of a waste of a pocket if you dont really put anything there. The middle ground beef was kind of bland. Not so bad. I forget how much, not more than 400YEN
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

What? chicken with mayo bento
When/Where? On a park bench, night
Comments: Well first let me say its been awhile since I've had a chance to update bento pictures. Me bad blogger. But there are many now. This one is evening going to a park with kayo to see some cherry blossoms. It was too dark, so we couldnt really see much but we drank some chu-hi (like a wine cooler) and ate some bento while talking. This one was cheap but I cant remember how much. 480YEN?
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What? yoshinoya beef bowl
When/Where? work, luuunch
Comments: This isnt really a bento, but who cares! I got this for lunch at work, a bowl of rice with yummy meat on top. Notice my spices on top. simple and yummy. Had this with a 120YEN grapefruit juice from a vending machine. I forget but its like 399YEN.
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What? conibini meat noodle salad
When/Where? at work, late lunch
Comments: I decided to go for another one of these noodles salads... this one is from am/pm. it was super yummy too, even more of the veggies (in the picture, they arent sitting on the table, they have a little plastic plate they are sitting on). and the sauce was some sort of sesame sauce which really fit perfect with the meat. this was a grade A meal. about 400YEN
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What? sunkus chilli shrimp rice bento
When/Where? house, nighty
Comments: I was on my home and got a bento at sunkus, they are infamously weak in the conbini bento area of biz but I went for it anyway. Not so bad... but bland rice and soggy shrimp with weak sauce. Not the best bento in the world. Something over 400YEN
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What? 7/11 noodle meat salad
When/Where? late at night, my pad
Comments: I watched "Supersize me" (movie about fast food's bad influence) and I felt bad about getting a hamburger for dinner, or even anything super intensive... so I bought this "noodle salad" and was pleasantly surprised. When I opened the top lid the room was literally filled with a "fresh veggie" smell. I liked that. And the sauce was good for the noodles (kind of oily, so it would stick) and the meat matched the sauce perfect. Nice stuff. About 390YEN.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What? "bifun" noodle lunch
When/Where? at work
Comments: This was a cheap noodle plate from the conbini. I had it with 100YEN "Shinto" juice, that says it comes from Vietnam and has a lot of vitamins in it. The noodles were really thin, and had some kind of "oil" taste (wrong word but...) the meat had a nice rich flavor to it, and the thin veggies made it taste kind of fresh. I forget how much this was 400YEN?
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